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Twitter: 5 Tips to Expand Your Followers & Manage Your Tweets

If you're interested in exploring Twitter and how it can help you make friends and grow traffic to your content, we've assembled some ideas for how you can do this.

1.  Grow your followers.  There are a bunch of strategies for growing your followers -- but remember, it's not about quantity -- it's about quality.  You want to find people who are in your target market.  Check out Twellow.com or exectweets.com.  They allow you to search for Twitter accounts by keywords.  Use the keywords that are important for your target market, and follow folks who look interesting to you.  

Note about growing your audience.  As you follow people on Twitter, there are a couple of rules that will be good to know.  There is a cap of 2,000 people you can follow.  There must be a 10% ratio to the number following you.  So you must have 1800 people following you before you can follow  more than 2000 people.  You can follow up to 1,000 people a day on Twitter.  There is no limit to the number of followers you can have.

2.  There are tools you can use to automatically auto-follow people who follow you.  Check out socialtoo.com.  It allows you to set up an account and then configure to auto-follow people who follow you.  You may also want to make sure you un-follow people who un-follow you (an anti-spam measure).  Using tools to automate this aspect can help you manage your followers without having to do this manually, which can get unwieldy.

3.  Schedule Your Tweets.  Rather than having to remember to tweet on a regular basis, if you put together a content plan and have content that you are promoting, you can establish your Tweets all at one time, and schedule them to be posted to your Twitter account.  The URL shortener from StumbleUpon (su.pr) allows you to do this.  You may also want to check out tweetlater.com (which also has auto-follow capabilities).

4.  Get Email Digests of Tweets by Keywords.  Check out Tweetbeep.com.

5.  Use Twitter as a market research tool for real-time market research.  Ask "you" centered questions.  Make the question short and simple, no more than 120 characters (allows for retweets), and be ready to capture answers - or use a poll service, such as polldaddy.com or twtpoll.com.

Remember, if you want to create excellent, RAVING fans:  engage, respond, promote others, compliment, and say thanks when folks retweet your tweets.  And not all content needs to be yours.  You can retweet other people's great tweets.

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