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Lead Capture Forms and Flows Build Your List

Once you get the traffic you need from your target audience, the next step is to provide an offer that they find interesting enough to exchange their contact information for access to the report, whitepaper, eBook or article.

In the booklet, "Effective Online Marketing In A Nutshell", on page 15, we review how you can find out if your lead capture is working or whether it's broken, and what you could do to fix any issues you uncover.

Understanding the different options for how developing your lead capture forms and flows can help you reduce the friction that leads experience, so you can increase the quantity of the leads entering the top of the funnel.

We'll be publishing information that will help you design better forms and flows.   

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Post a comment!  Let us know what your questions are about lead capture forms, or experiences you've had with them.  It will help us determine content that could help build better internet marketing strategies.