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The Definitive Guide to
Testing and Tuning for Conversion:
A Conversation with Tim Ash

If a page gets traffic, it must be optimized!

As Online Marketers and Business Owners work to generate more leads, increase the conversion rate of their sites, and ultimately drive more sales for their companies, it's imperative that they take a step back to look at their sites and realize that any page traffic lands on is a landing page.

And as such, they must be optimized.

In this conversation, Kim Albee of Genoo and Tim Ash author of Landing Page Optimization - The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversion, discuss how even SMB marketers and business owners working within budgetary constraints can dramatically improve the conversion rates on their sites by applying simple and effective principles across their pages.

About Tim Ash:

Tim Ash is the CEO of SiteTuners.com, a landing page optimization firm that offers conversion consulting, full-service guaranteed-improvement tests, and 2nd-generation software tools to improve conversion rates. SiteTuners’ AttentionWizard.com visual attention prediction tool can be used on a landing page screenshot or mock-up to quickly identify major conversion issues. During his 15 year involvement with the Internet, Tim has worked with Google, Facebook, Nestle, Symantec, Verizon Wireless, Canon, Sanyo, Rhapsody, American Express, Sony Music, CBS Interactive, Real Networks, American Honda, COMP USA, Symantec, Harcourt Brace, Universal Studios, HomeGain, Fair Isaac, TransUnion, Rand McNally, Red Envelope, Black & Decker, Ed Hardy, and Coach to develop successful Internet initiatives. 

Tim is a highly-regarded presenter and keynote speaker at SES, eMetrics, PPC Summit, Affiliate Summit, PubCon, SMX, OMS, AffCon, LeadsCon, Internet Retailer, and eComXpo. He is the founder and chairperson of ConversionConference.com the first international conference series focused on improving online conversions. Tim is a contributing columnist to several publications including ClickZ, Website Magazine, DM News, Visibility Magazine, and Electronic Retailer Online Strategies magazine. He is the host of the weekly Landing Page Optimization show and podcast on WebmasterRadio.fm

Tim received his B.S. from UC San Diego "with highest distinction". He also completed his M.S. during his PhD. studies in computer science at UCSD, specializing in Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. He is the author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions (John Wiley & Sons Press, 2008) LandingPageOptimizationBook.com, which has been translated into six languages.

You Will Learn

  • The 3 Emotional Motivational Scales.
  • Which pages on your site are "landing pages."
  • When to use text, audio, or video content on your pages.
  • Critical points to evaluate your existing pages.
  • The Timeless Testing Themes.
  • And more...

Download the MP3 & Transcript! - Landing Page Optimization

Want to listen to Tim's thoughts on Landing Page Optimization on the road? Maybe read it on a train? Click the link below to download both the MP3 and Transcript for Tim's interview!Download Now

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