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Traffic + Conversion = Revenue

generate demand with relevant content

Getting in the internet marketing game, and turning your website into a business building machine, means generating traffic to your website and landing pages from your target market.  This section focuses on the TRAFFIC aspect of the equation. Without the right traffic, and a good volume of it, your internet marketing efforts will not be as effective as they could be.

The diagram on the inside front cover of the booklet as well as the first part of the table of contents sums it up
(if you don't have the "Effective Online Marketing In A Nutshell" booklet, find out about it and order your copy)

How are you generating traffic to your website and landing pages today?  The booklet showed you how you can tell if your traffic strategies are broken and how you can fix them -- and we've got more expert information you can check out and apply where it makes sense.

Here are the topics:

Content Strategy

Content strategy and copywriting are critical components that stretch across all aspects of your Internet Marketing efforts.

Social Media

Primer and information about social media marketing for SMB Marketers.

Search Engine Optimization

People are searching for what you offer. Are you in the results?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Devoted to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies - how to approach, and master this channel.

Blogs and Microsites

If it's hard to publish new content to your corporate website, or you have a need to get information about a product or service search engine optimized, a blog or microsite might be the ticket to generating the traffic and awareness you need.