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Assemble A Content Strategy That Delivers Results
and Content That Compels Leads to Act!

(even though you don't have a degree in English or haven't had formal copywriting training)

The content you provide and make available is CRITICAL to the success of your internet marketing efforts.  It's got to be relevant, interesting, and timely for your leads.  Developing a content strategy requires an ability to listen to your leads, and mapping content to the buying stages so you can pull your leads through the process and develop relationships with them until they are ready for a sales-conversation.  

content & copywriting

This does not need to be difficult. You already know more about your leads and your market than you think.  

The challenge is taking what you know and putting it into words that enter the conversation in your leads' head, so it catches their attention and inspires them to take action.

You do not need to be a writer by training.  If you know how to talk to people and engage them, you can learn effective copywriting that will work to build relationships on the internet. 

In the booklet, "Effective Online Marketing In A Nutshell", pages 3-4, we show you how to develop your content ideas, and how to think about content you could develop that will resonate with your leads.  We've interviewed some top authors about content and content strategy that extends what we cover in the booklet. Check them out, and add to your capacity for creating killer content:

Emotionomics - Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

This interview with author Dan Hill explores the importance of emotions in decision-making and leveraging emotions for business success. Emotions are essential in decision-making and should be considered in your marketing efforts. In today's marketplace it is getting more and more difficult to stand out from the competition, and it's the emotional benefit of your product that can set you apart.  Discover how you can leverage emotions well in your marketing content!

Building a Content Strategy That Resonates With Your Audience

An Interview between Joe Pulizzi and Kim Albee about developing a content strategy that will resonate with your leads.

Mapping Content To Buying Stages - Converting More Leads Into Customers

Ardath Albee, author of "eMarketing Strategies For The Complex Sale" provides ideas, steps and practical advice for developing a content strategy that guides buyers through the buying process. (Interview is 29 min. -- and well worth it!)

Listening Strategies - Entering the Conversation in Your Lead's Head

Listening to your target market can provide great content ideas, and inform you about the conversation already happening that you can engage in with your leads.
Excellent Copywriting Courses:

Perry Marshall's Free 5-Day 'Writing Whitepapers' Course

If you sell any kind of complex service, technology or sophisticated product, a White Paper is the best way to educate your customers about that technology.

You can use a white paper to build your credibility, get free exposure in the press, attract new customers, and drive new technology into change-resistant, conservative markets.

Most white papers are either too technical (boring) or too commercial (thin and cheesy) - but Perry Marshall has written a guide that shows you how to strike the perfect balance.  

But what's most important of all, though, is promoting and publicizing your white paper - because the best white paper in the world is no good unless somebody reads it!

John Carlton's Simple Writing System

John Carlton, master copywriter, systematically breaks copywriting down into 17 steps that you can repeat for any copywriting task that you have. If you want to master this subject, you can't get a better teacher than John Carlton. We highly recommend this course!
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