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Genoo Case Study - Oakwood Systems Group

How A Single-Person Marketing Department Implemented A Lead Nurturing Program That Keeps Her Company Top of Mind And Spends Less Than One Day a week managing it!

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Oakwood Systems Group is a technology consulting firm that has approx. $10 million in annual revenues.  Margaret Johnson is their Director of Marketing and Partnerships, and is a one-person marketing department for the organization.  She is charged with driving demand and generating leads for Oakwood's Sales people.

Learn how she has put together a lead nurturing, lead scoring, and autoresponder program using Genoo's marketing automation capabilities, that keeps her organization top of mind with their clients and their leads and prospects.  As a one-man marketing department, Oakwood's use of Genoo has enabled them to do what much larger organizations struggle to accomplish, proving that small and midsize businesses can leverage the internet to succeed and win!

When you're able to manage your leads comprehensively, and track their responses and interest in your marketing programs and the information you are making available, it is possible to build relationships so when your sales people touch base, it's a warm call, and your leads are much more receptive to the conversation.  That can make a HUGE difference in your sales effectiveness, and bottom-line revenues.

This case study proves that with the right tools, you can get started, and grow it over time, making you more and more effective at building relationships that prime your leads for sales conversations -- and keep your organization top of mind when your leads and prospects are ready to engage and move forward.

About Oakwood Systems Group:

Oakwood Systems Group, Inc. is focused on creating business value with technology solutions crafted to maximize our clients' success.

Founded in 1981, Oakwood's historical perspective coupled with current expertise in established and emerging technologies provides a unique value-add to organizations of all sizes across the US.

Oakwood has developed a client partnership model designed to mitigate risk and create a relationship of mutual trust.  This partnership approach is characterized by Oakwood's Delivery Assurance Commitment, a four point action program that provides the tenets under which Oakwood and client organizations do business together.

Also in support of the partnership relationship, Oakwood uses an iterative approach to projects, designed specifically to return value to client organizations as quickly as possible.  This is the Oakwood Rapid Value Initiative (RVI).  By partnering with our clients to achieve a deep level of understanding of business and technology needs, we create real results and a quick return on client technology investment.

Fast and flexible, fearless yet grounded in reality, communicative and committed to client success.  That is Oakwood.

About Margaret Johnson:

A Marketing Specialist with a technology sales background, focused on delivering business results. Margaret's professional success is directly related to her ability to quickly understand business drivers, whether for her company or for client organizations, and determine how best to impact the business using a variety of skills, technologies, and messages.  She is a "green light thinker" and an idea person who invests the time and energy to bring ideas to fruition. She develops multi-level sales and marketing strategies, including website, events, email campaigns, alliances and partnership with other organizations, and, most recently, the inclusion of social media, creating a unique, interwoven approach to the market.

You Will Learn...

  • How to approach Online Marketing with limited resources.
  • How powerful RSS feeds can be.
  • What it takes to set up Marketing Automation and what it takes to keep it going.
  • How to have a single source of content feed multiple venues... automatically.
  • Just some of the results you could achieve.
  • And more...

Download the MP3 & Transcript!

Want to listen to how Margaret and Oakwood Systems Group have put their Online Marketing on autopilot while you're on the road? Maybe read it on a train? Click the link below to download both the MP3 and Transcript of Margaret's interview!Download Now

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