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Target A Niche In Your Market
(With A Blog or Microsite)

You've probably heard it several times:  "You should have a blog."  Well, as we outline in our booklet, "Effective Online Marketing In A Nutshell", pages 17-18, that may or may not actually be true, or recommended, based on a variety of factors we have you think about.

On this page, we will publish information that will help your Blog or Microsite initiatives move forward well.  We will interview top authors and practitioners, as well as offer our own experience on the subject, to help you grapple with and develop strategies that make sense for your business:

How Microsites Can Help Get The Traffic (and Leads) You Need

Explore how microsites might make the difference in your internet marketing strategy. Why? If your website is mired in politics, or really hard to get the content modified and changed, then you need a way to generate the traffic and leads necessary to help achieve your goals and grow your revenue. This interview explores how to make websites or microsites revenue generating and business growth machines!