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About Genoo

At Genoo, we provide a complete internet ‘toolkit’ that helps small-to-midsize businesses achieve phenomenal (almost “unfair”) online growth faster and a whole lot easier than ‘traditional’ methods because there’s no need to understand HTML, web programming or anything at all about complex tracking.  We put you in control of your internet marketing campaigns.

You can visit our main website, and find out more about our marketing automation software and tools.

Genoo is an integrated set of tools that allow businesses to compete well and win at the game of online marketing. Using our set of tools, you can create websites and landing pages, capture leads, automate how you follow up with them, send emails, and track everything about how your leads respond to your marketing. That allows you to pull leads through their buying process in larger numbers - while you focus on the hot leads that are ready to buy.

Since the tools are integrated, you have a comprehensive database of information about your leads, which allows you to segment them and effectively provide relevant messages as they move through their buying process. As you continue to market to them, Genoo tracks how they respond, so you know where you're at with your marketing efforts.

We remove the reliance most small-to-midsize businesses have on IT or web dev folks every time they want to do anything on the Internet -- from webpage management, capturing leads, sending emails and tracking responses - we put the business people and marketers in control. This eliminates the lead-time in getting campaigns launched, running, and measured.

We also eliminate the mystery and confusion around turning the internet into a business building machine, which is what the booklet, "Effective Online Marketing In A Nutshell" and this website are all about.